Available models:

  1. HP MC evacuated-tube collector
  2. SCHOTT ETC 16 evacuated-tube collector

Evacuated tube collector

HP MC evacuated-tube collector

HP MC evacuated-tube collector was designed by one of the biggest collector manufacturer. It has perfect performance properties, which makes this collector type an ideal choice for backup heating and swimming pool heating, as well.

Very high performance

The HP MC ecvacuated-tube collectors offer reliable hot water heating in all climates. Designed for areas where flat plate collectors are insufficient such as colder climates, the evacuated tube technology provides additional insulation around their absorbers to retain heat absorption.

Evacuated tube collector

Latest design

The modern Ceram metal-ceramic technology provides a perfect coating for the absorber. The heat pipe is made of 100% copper, which guarantees the great heat transfer properties. The vacuum in the tubes presents the maximum thermal insulation.

Proper price level

On the solar collector market, HP MC has a very good performance/price ratio. (Price list)

Short payback period

The high performance, the high efficiency, the 20-25-year lifetime and the low price guarantee the short payback period.

Durable structure and high esthetics

Hail-resistant, glass-to-glass connected tubes prevent vacuum leaking.

Technical data HP 15 MC HP 20 MC HP 25 MC
Sizes (hxwxd) [mm] 2000x1345x168 2000x1760x168 2000x2175x168
Gross surface [m2] 2,69 3,52 4,35
Net surface [m2] 1,98 2,64 3,30
Mass [kg] 68 88,5 110,5
Volume [l] 0,6 0,8 1
Number and size of connecting pipes 2x1"KM 2x1"KM 2x1"KM
Absorber type and material Metal-ceramic Metal-ceramic Metal-ceramic
Absorber coating Aluminium nitrit Aluminium nitrit Aluminium nitrit
Cover Glass tube Glass tube Glass tube
Thermal insulation Vacuum 3x10e-3 Pa Vacuum 3x10e-3 Pa Vacuum 3x10e-3 Pa
Absorption coefficient 0,96 +- 0,01 0,96 +- 0,01 0,96 +- 0,01
Emission coefficient 0,04 +- 0,01 0,04 +- 0,01 0,04 +- 0,01
Optical efficiency 0,717 0,717 0,717
Stagnation temperature 300-350 C 300-350 C 300-350 C
Maximum working pressure 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Maximum service pressure 8 bar 8 bar 8 bar
Energy output [kW/hour/m2] >780 >780 >780
Diameter and length of outer tubes [mm] d:58; l:1800 d:58; l:1800 d:58; l:1800
Diameter and length of inner tubes [mm] d:47; l:1800 d:47; l:1800 d:47; l:1800
Number of tubes 15 20 25
Suggested flow rate [l/m2/hour] 50-80 50-80 50-80
Type of liquid Tyfocol HTL Tyfocol HTL Tyfocol HTL

SCHOTT ETC 16 evacuated-tube collector

Evacuated tube collector

High performance

High performance using minimal space. A four-person household with solar thermal collectors powered by SCHOTT saves up to 60 % of the costs for hot water heating.

High Efficiency

Solar thermal collectors powered by SCHOTT require less sun. They are especially efficient in the transition periods of spring and autumn.


Pure glass-to-glass connections like in a thermos flask. The absorber and mirror surfaces of the collectors are in the vacuum and therefore protected against dirt and aging. Borosilicate glass, used in thousands of applications in laboratories and households, is resistant to chemical and temperature changes.

Evacuated tube collector

Simple installation

A single solar thermal collector powered by SCHOTT with 16 tubes has a total weight of only 20 kg. It is delivered completely pre-assembled and ready for connections and can be easily mounted on roofs with varying slopes.

Evacuated tube collector

High esthetics

Thanks to the elegant and future-oriented design, a solar thermal collector "powered by SCHOTT" is the sign of an ecological household.

Evacuated tube collector

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