SOTRALENZ Self-contained sewage systems

With the PLASTEPUR self-contained sewage systems, SOTRALENTZ offers you:


Areas, where connection to the sewer system is not possible but the self-cleaned water can be seeped into the environment, the self-contained sewage system is a reversionary investment. Sotralentz sewage cleaning systems are very reliable because of the manufacturing process. The septic tank is a one piece, leakproof, polyethylene structure, which is the main part of the sewage system. The appropriate operation is guaranteed by the gravitational flow in the components.



Intrinsically, the cleaning method begins with a pre-cleaning step, which is a biological decomposition in a hermetic sealed tank. It is called anaerobic cleaning. The following phase is a mechanical cleaning through a special filter (PERFORMANCE). At last an aerobic cleaning method occurs by the disposal field placed in the topsoil.


Monthly maintenance by bacteria


In the septic tank solid materials accumulate over a period of time (approximately 3-4 years), which has to remove by a vacuum truck. If the septic tank is not cleaned soon enough, the solid materials can clog the pipes, eventually causing failure of the whole cleaning system. And it can be very expensive to fix it. So the septic tank should be checked every year and pumping out the sludge more often than is required cannot result any failure in the operation.


The septic tank can be placed either aboveground or underground.

Epurbloc septic tank aboveground installation

The tank has to be placed in a room which is not directly connected with other rooms of the building. An air ventilation system should work in that room and enough space due to convenient emptying of the tank has to be assured. From the top of the tank at least 1m space is required. The Epurbloc has to stand on a completely flat surface and the tank has to be surrounded by 50 cm high sand fill. Sufficient thermal insulation is necessary also for the normal operation.

Epurbloc septic tank underground installation

Epur Beépítés

1. Measuring the disposal field

The bottom of the hole has to be filled by 10 cm high sand. The Epurbloc has to stand completely horizontally. The sand fill around the tank has to be 20 cm thick.


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