Acrux was foundes on March, 1992 as an energetic services provider company.

Our main activity was the design and installation of plumbing, drainage and heating systems. We have always focused on the new technologies in this field of industry, that is why we can offer the latest and the most effective solutions of the appropriate problem. The expansion in the heating sector has resulted many new investments. One branch of these were the environmental friendly devices as solar collectors, heat pumps and solar cells. Acrux has adopted these environmental friendly solutions very soon. In the name of environmental protection one of the most critical subject nowadays is the protection of our water sources. Acrux has begun to design and install modern self contained sewage systems, oil separators, domestic oil and grease separators.

Our company is place in Kecskemét - Katonatelep, Platán str. 7. Currently there are 15 permanent employees of the company. You can read about our detailed services here.

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