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SONNENKRAFT COMPACT solar energy system - domestic hot water preparation collector set

The SONNENKRAFT COMPACT SOLUTION optimises performance and use and is therefore the best starting point when it comes to making best use of the sun's energy:

The Sonnenkraft Compact solar energy system is capable of supplynig domestic hot water for 1 to 20 people depending on the exact type of the solar collector set. There are 8 different solar tanks form 160 litre to 1000 litre. The solar collectors can be installed onto all type of roofs and they van be placed either vertically or horizontallly.

Compact solar tank

Sksc2 Solar pump unit Hot water forward Heating forward Heating thermal sensor Circulation Heating backward SK500N

Components of Sonnenkraft Compact solar collector szet:

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Parallel roof mounting rack

Functional diagram:

Sonnenkraft Compact solar system functional diagram

Further information about Compact solar energy systems on Sonnenkraft sites: Sonnenkraft

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